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Example Cover letter (docx)

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Cover Letter

My name is Muhabatsho Qobilov. I was born in 1985 in the East of Tajikistan. I finished school in Rushan (my native town) and then I moved in Khorog. I am a five year was student of Khorog State University, faculty of history and law, department of the state and law. I studied international law and of our country. And I also participated in seminars on internationals law organized by the OSCE and BHR. I will be a lawyer or administrator in education system. And I am studying English and Farsi and can speak. And in Russian language I speak excellent. I really fond of learning languages and would like to achieve good knowledge in my future profession. As for low, I am enjoying of learning international law and realized her, protect the rights of a company or people. Moreover, I like applied the international low. And I have experience in different industries on the right. For example: civil case, criminal, banking and employments. As for my hobbies: I fond of traveling, sport and adventures. I like so much to meet people from different countries, to know their culture, traditions and history. I am enough communicable and sociable person and have such experience: as a lawyer assistant in NGO “Jamiyt va Hyqyq”, and assistant in program “save wild animal in Pamir” (the GTZ program in Tajikistan) in the city of Khorog , and I also worked as a volunteer for one year in AKDN, the city of Moscow, it was very useful for me. While I was working there I got acquainted with a lot of interesting people.


Muhabatsho Qobilov

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